Welcome to the website of Saxophonist/Multi-Instrumentalist, Steve Schnall. He is one of the most requested and respected woodwind musicians in the Midwest, especially in Chicago, where he resides. On this website you be able to read all about Steve and all of the shows he performs each year with various artists. There are also many pictures throughout the site displaying Steves performances with various musical luminaries. Feel free to sign up on the mailing list below so you can get up to date info on where Steve Schnall will be performing each week. He is available 365 days a year to perform any style of music you need performed. Steve Schnall is always available for major tours, shows, original recordings, any recording sessions, and commercial/radio/tv/movie spots, in addition to being a professional clinician and educator.


Hello music fans! It's been awhile since I did an update to my site. I've been super busy gigging all over the US as well as now being a single father of my two wonderful boys, Gavin and Garrett. I am still living in Naperville, Illinois playing shows every week. I am performing in 4 big bands regularly (Pete Ellman's Big Band, Jazz Consortium Big Band, Vern Spevak's Big Band, Bob Lark's Alumni Big Band) as well as performing with my touring band, The Trippin Billies for over 10 years. I have also been doing a bunch of freelance work with various high-profile organizations including Barry Manilow, The Ojays, the late Aretha Franklin, and many others. Please see my Tour Schedule page for my upcoming shows. Also I have added a professional Facebook page and an Instagram page to help promote myself as well as hiring a PR person to get my name out there. Check back for more updates and as always, thank you for reading and thank you for your support!

UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! Well, once again it's been a REAL LONG time since I've posted anything to my website. Now there will be a bunch of new updates and songs and pics and videos for your perusal. I now reside in Naperville, Illinois (West Burbs of Chicago) with my wife Jamie and my two sons Gavin and Garrett. My touring schedule this year is again hectic so keep checking back as to where and when I might be performing. As I said, last year we had another boy, Garrett Miles, and I had a rough year with not enough gigs, but things are looking up in 2014! I've lost 100 pounds and I'm performing with a bunch of new bands and artists. Check back often for more updates and thank you for reading and all of your support over the years.

Well, fans, it's been a LONG time since I've posted any news on my website and for that, I apologize. No one ever said getting your Doctorate was easy! In fact, this was hardest thing I've ever done! I will be finishing up all of my classes in less than six weeks! From there I will be FINALLY moving back up to Chicago to be with my wife and son who have been patiently awaiting my return. It has been so hard to be without them these past two years, really hard. I will be resuming my regular, crazy touring schedule (Check out my Tour Schedule page) as well as writing my dissertation from up in Chitown. For the shows that I will be performing with the Trippin Billies, please consult their website for further information regarding those gigs (www.trippinbillies.com). Thank you all for your support and hopefully within the next year or so, I will be a full-fledged Doctor~ More updates will follow, I promise!!

Hello, all of my friends, family, and supporters of me and my music making! It's been a crazy year and Im almost done with my first year of doctoral studies at the University of Illinois. The workload was supreme, along with all of my shows which made for a hectic time in my life. Thankfully I have the summer to be with my family and to play a BUNCH of shows! Check out my tour schedule page for details.

Hello music fans! There has been much ado in the life of me the last few months. I have officially began my doctoral studies at the University of Illinois thanks to their generous full scholarship they offered me. School is tough, trying to keep up with all of these young cats...Also, three months ago I became a member of the most successful Dave Matthews Tribute Band, called Trippin Billies. We tour ALL over the nation and every member of the band can REALLY play. Be sure to check out the website at www.trippinbillies.com for our tour schedule and more. In addition to the Trippin Billies, I am still performing frequently with all of the major acts coming through Chicago including Aretha, OJays, Don Rickles, and many others (See my tour schedule page for details). I also splurged and invested in a top-of-the-line In-Ear-Monitor System for all of my high-profile shows. I truly, truly recommend this to anyone who gigs frequently and has the extra cash. Your ears will thank you. Finally, keep an eye out for my University of Illinois Jazz Band and Combo Concert appearances throughout the next year. Thanks for your time and support and to my family, I love you and miss you dearly as each day passes...

Hello jazz fans. Well, it is now official...I will be attending the University of Illinios @ Champaign-Urbana to pursue my doctorate degree in Jazz Studies. I just found a rockin' apartment near campus and come August of this year, I will be "Back to School" just like Rodney Dangerfield but only a FEW years younger. I will still be commuting most weekends back up to Chicago for shows and recording sessions. Wish me luck, this is gonna hurt...

Happy Holidays to all of you! I hope the holidays treated you well. I have been busy making music with a variety of different groups. I have also finished my Master's Degree in Jazz Studies from DePaul University and am presently preparing for my Doctoral auditions in January and February. In addition to auditioning at these very fine institutions for my Doctorate in Jazz Studies, I am also sending out applications to become a faculty professor at some outstanding schools as well including Univeristy of Michigan, New England Conservatory of Music, University of Massachusetts, and the University of Florida. Either way, I plan to be either teaching or studying at a university come next fall. Also, the children's groups I perform in called the Sharp Cookies just won the Children's Award (www.childrensmusic.org) for 2008 in the category for school aged kids. Yeah! That is all for now. Have a happy, healthy, and hopefully a more prosperous new year than the last!!

Hello jazz fans, I have two new bits of information to share with you. First of all, the date is now set for my Master's Degree recital at Depaul University. Come one, come all, tell your friends-Its Sunday November 9th at 7pm in the Depaul Recital Hall. The concert will feature songs played on all of the woodwinds as well as some of Chicago's top talent backing me up. Don't miss a truly special night of music. Next, from Thursday October 23 through Sunday October 26, I will be performing with the Depaul Big Band again at the new Jazz Showcase in Chicago, but this time we will be graced with the presence of alto master, Phil Woods. We are in the process of recording both a cd and dvd this year. Be on the lookout for these releases in the next year or two. Thanks again for all of your support and stay tuned for more updates!

 July 10, 2008--I'm currently finishing up my Masters Degree in Jazz Studies from Depaul and preparing to audition for several schools to obtain my Doctorate of Music Arts in Jazz Studies. So starting in the fall of 2009, I will be at one of the following schools getting my DMA: Eastman School of Music, University of Southern California, University of Miami, University of Colorado, or University of Illinois. I am also in the beginning stages of putting together my first studio release, as a leader, so check back often for details!

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